Immunity Boost

The singing bowl can produce deep and detailed sound waves, which easily penetrate every muscle, tissue, and bone.

The cells and molecules in the body also resonate with the sound of singing bowl.  As a result, the body will be readjusted, purified and detoxed.  Scientific research confirmed that the vibration of singing bowl can balance and coordinate various systems of the body, which help improve the immunity.



Stress Relief

The harmonics and long tone of singing bowl allow the brain waves to slowly enter Alpha, Theta or even Delta.

When the brain and body enter a deeply relaxed state, they can accelerate body cell repair, balance brain waves, eliminate fatigue and stabilise the mind.  Hence, the stress of both body and mind can be relieved.


Energy Activation

Self-healing Restart

The sound and vibration of singing bowl resonate with the water molecules in the body, coordinate the energy of the cells and organs, and slowly open the blocked meridians and acupoints.

Thus, stimulate the energy flow of the body and restart the self-healing ability, which help detoxification, remove the stasis of the blood and energy, and increase the energy level.

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